2em – Location de voitures/vélos entre particuliers – Velo/Autovermietung unter Privatpersonen

Zum Einstieg

Sharecon Schweiz ist nun auch in der Westschweiz bekannt oder hat zumindest einen ersten Schritt in diese Richtung getan. Es freut uns zu sehen, dass neben TooxMe – ridesharing Lösung – auch andere Leistungsangebote auf den Markt kommen. 2em – Auto/Velo-Vermittlung – ist so ein weiteres, interessantes Beispiel.

Wir konnten kurz mit dem Gründer Youngs Felouati und der Community Managerin Cybelle Nguyen sprechen.

Das Interview

Younes Felouati1. Please describe quickly in your own words your business.

The idea of 2em.ch was the result of an experience I’ve had a couple of years ago. My neighbor needed a car for a specific shopping trip to IKEA. I gave him my car and became aware that there are other peoples out there who need from time to time a car or a bike. So we launched 2EM in early 2013 and designed it for private individuals willing to rent a car or put their car for rent.

2. In your opinion, why do people use 2em, is it mainly in order to save money or are there also other aspects?

What we noticed was that people were losing money into operational costs for their cars meanwhile they were not using it.

With this said, we came out to a solution and our concept relies on two points:

  • provide a vehicle when it is not used in order to make an an income out of it
  • turn this action into a profitable attention for the environment.

3. Do you see yourself as a competitor to professional car or bike rentals or more of a complement to them?

Our system is a complementary solution to the others on the market since our network covers new regions and offers a more flexible service as far as modalities and booking is concerned.

I think the two will co-exist. We offer a solution, which is beneficial for the renter and rentee but also to 2em.

4. What is the usual 2em rent like? Can you share some experiences with us?

The car available for rental, is published on 2em.ch by the owner himself. The renter fills in all needed information such as availability time and the rental rate.

People who want to rent a vehicle can register on 2em.ch and look at the available vehicles on a map and compare prices. The interested person can contact the owner for more information. If his choice is made , the person can book the vehicle by bank card for the desired period of time.

The two parties meet for the exchange. The rentee brings all needed papers (driver license etc.). Both check the current state of the vehicle and sign off the lease.

After the rentee has returned the car , the two parties can rate each other .

5. Sharing is an increasing trend at the moment, please give us your estimation where will it go and why?

I think the development of online tools will greatly help optimize sharing. Being able to seamlessly communicate what people can offer and what other need will make the market grow.

6. What other aspect of your life would you like to share? What would you never share?

I love sharing experiences and feedbacks in order to evolve and better yourself.

Some people would not share their car. I just would not share my salami… 🙂

Many thanks for the interesting discussion!
René F. Lisi