About Sharecon

What is the Sharing Economy?

The Sharing Economy is a globally emerging new economy, in which private people are enabled to share anything they own through technology, let it be products, knowledge or services, with other private people around them. The concept of the Sharing Economy is disrupting every industry from hotels (Airbnb), to services (Taskrabbit) to car rentals (Getaround). It is a gamechanging mental shift from a society focused on consumption to a society valuing access more than ownership and promoting a more sustainable and efficient use of resources. The Sharing Economy is also slowly taking off in Switzerland, we hope you will be a part of it.

Learn more about the Sharing Economy in Rachel Botsman’s TED talk

Sharecon Vision

Sharing of unused
capacities, knowledge and resources
is the matter of course
in a digital, connected and consciously living society.

What we do

  1. We are the first point of contact for anyone interested in the Swiss Sharing Economy scene.
  2. We promote the Sharing Economy in Switzerland.
  3. We keep you informed about trends and changes in the Swiss Sharing Economy.
  4. We support founders and sharing startups to become more visible.
  5. We connect founders, industry, politics, society and academia to become active and spark new partnerships in the Sharing Economy.
  6. We offer networking and exchange opportunities in form of events, workshops and the blog.

Join the Swiss Sharing Economy

Be a pioneer

Become a member today. We offer individual and company memberships. Starting from 20CHF annually you can help us support, shape and build the Swiss Sharing Economy. Read more about our membership options.

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